About Us

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” /Colette/

We want to stand out, be extraordinary. We and our best four-legged friends are one. So why can’t we express each other’s outfit? We and our dogs! The idea for our brand was born at the end of 2017. Strolling through the streets and observing the walking owners with their pets, we noticed a small variety of dog outfits. We wanted to see a real gem in the jungle of repetitive clothes. Just as people have a chance to dress with fashion designers, we wanted to create something unique for every dog. Something tailored, something special – haute couture. When designing our collections, we pay special attention to the quality of materials. Most of the fabrics come from Italy and are signed with the names of the most famous fashion houses. All collections of clothes and accessories are handmade. Our proposals are perfect not only to attract attention on the streets, but also in photo sessions for fashion magazines.

Because for us the catwalk is a dogwalk. DOGWALK by POOPIL.